About us

About Us

2022 marks 44 years of the Brown Family at Totem Resorts! Over the past 44 years, Eric Brown Sr has worked hard to make and maintain Totem Resorts 5-Star status! With constant upgrades to the grounds, facilities, equipment and services — Eric has managed to keep Totem Resorts Canada’s premier destination for a Great Canadian Fresh Water Fishing Vacation!

As a young man of only 25 years – Eric purchased Totem Lodge with his Father, General Eric Brown Sr. in 1978. With a young family, his son Eric Brown III only 2 years old and 10-month-old daughter Stephanie, they began to settle in and learn the business of Fishing Lodges. Unfortunately, after only a short time, General Brown fell ill and left inexperienced Eric to run the Lodge alone. Flying by the seat of his pants but with the keen instincts of a businessman – Eric slowly but surely built the Lodge up to the Gold Standard we’ve all come to know and love today – all while raising his own family, including his youngest, Dustin, born in 1989.

Eric Brown sr (owner & founder) is filled with pride to have his children and family so involved in the business! As Eric comes closer to retirement— his 4 grandchildren — Addison, Eric IV (Reeder), Rush, and Kali — are growing up fast and waiting in the wings to keep the Brown Family Tradition strong and take Totem Resorts into the years to come! Eric’s unparalleled ambition, drive, and determination brought Totem Resorts to the Gold Standard of the North and that has become something you’ve all known and come to expect — building a family legacy based on hard work and unrivalled customer service standards — the original & only Crown Jewel of the North — Totem Resorts!

In 44 years of business — Eric and family sum up their lives and experiences in one word — grateful! Grateful for the continued support of family, friends, and guests who helped shape Totem Resorts into what it is today. Grateful for so many return guests and staff each season who have become part of the Totem Resorts family. Grateful for so many new guests each season and the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances. Grateful for the unique opportunity to work together as a family and share our success together. Grateful for the honor & opportunity to host so many adventures for family, friends, and guests — keeping the great tradition of fishing strong going into the years to come! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Proudly family owned & operated for over 40 years