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At Totem Resorts, we are always updating our news channel to offer our guests the best fishing packages and the best promotions along the seasons. It is important to contact us to verify availability and promotions for events and vacations trips.


For those who are looking for hunting instead of fishing, Totem Resort is also the right place. We have duck and goose hunting, and deer and black bear hunting. Our specialized guides will provide the guest a unique experience with all the safety measures during the activity. A trophy awaits for the best hunter.


At Totem Resorts, the guests alongside with our professional fishing staff have the best chance to catch a 50+ inch musky than anywhere else in the world.


Lake of the Woods is one of the very few places where you can catch 80-100 walleye daily!
Your chances have never been better to land a 30”+ walleye on some of the most pristine fishing territory Canada has to offer, alongside one of our pro-staff fishing guides.


Over 60,000 miles of endless shoreline for Smallmouth Bass Fishing, which make it in a perfect place to enjoy a fishing day.