Musky fishing

Click below to begin your unforgettable summer adventure! Experience Totem Resorts, your ultimate destination for landing a 50+ inch musky. Don't miss out!
Musky fishing
Two Anglers with a Musky

More musky per square miles than anywhere else in the world

At Totem Resort, the guests alongside our professional fishing staff have the best chance to catch a 50+ inch musky and take the picture with this fish, if they are lucky, they can gain a place into the fishing hall of fame. Lake of the woods has more musky per square miles than anywhere else in the world!

The Lodges

Choose from one of our 4 LOTW lakefront Properties


All-inclusive resort on the lake with magnificent views.


Wilderness and luxury experience, a truly Canadian fishing adventure located right in the heart of Lake of the Woods, including 5 star service and luxury in all its accommodations.


A Lakeside all-inclusive resort with outstanding views of Lake of the Woods.


Remote cabin which can only be accessed by boat. Here you will experience a true Canadian outpost adventure surrounded by nature.


Fully equipped private island in the wilderness, just for you and your beloved ones


Sunset island is a beautiful cabin with all the amenities you've come to expect staying ata Totem Resorts property.

The best Fishing Grounds

The Lake of the woods is the ideal environment for musky fish, which make it the best fishing ground in the world, that is the reason for many professional fishermen come to visit lake of the wood every year.

fishing guides on totem resort

Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides- Our Pro-Staff Guides boast over 10+ years of navigating the waters of Lake of the Woods, and are sure to put you on ‘the spot!’

Fishing guides with 10+ years of experience, natives of the Lake, know the best fishing zones, they are professional anglers. Many of them were adventurers who have come from other locations and established in here, becoming in guides while they do the thing that love the most, fishing!

Fishing Boats

More than 100 fishing boats at Totem resort, to provide the guests a 5 stars services at all time. As fishing is the main activity, the boats are one of the most important things to fully live and enjoy the moment. The boats are provided with all the features needed for a relaxing day.

Angler showing his catch

Fishing packages

Here at Totem Resorts, we offer specialized fishing packages custom tailored to your very needs. Each package is specifically designed for you and your group's individual needs. So you can rest assured. When staying at a Totem Resorts property, you can expect nothing but world-class service!

Backup Gear and equipment

With our professional guides during the fishing trip, navigating the lake of the woods, the experience will be something to remember of. We have all the equipment to catch that dreaming fish for our guests, and take the picture that will be remembered for all the time.


Totem resorts offer all the comforts of a 5-star all-inclusive resort, with luxurious accommodations and a top service from our staff. With gourmet meals, professional guides and a magnificent view, this place is indeed the right place to fully enjoy a fishing experience.