After fishing activities

Fun for the whole family


After a fishing day many people want to be a little longer on the lake of the woods, for those people one of the best choices are the canoes trips. It is a perfect time to create a romantic moment with that beloved person when they find together in the middle of the lake.


Kayaks are commonly used by people who want to be alone and take a moment to appreciate the sunset in the lake. So it is a perfect choice to fully experience the life at Totem Resort.


SUP is another activity to enjoy the lake after a fishing day, the table is for one person, so this is ideal to take a rest and appreciate the lake view.

White Moose Golf Course

Golf in front of the lake with outstanding views in another activity available at Totem Resort. Professional 9 hole golf to fully enjoy for those who want to practice theirs skills surrounded by nature.

Fishing Rod in the lake

Nature trails

For those who love to explore the environment, our nature trails are a perfect choice for them. It is not a secret that Lake of the Woods is a huge area with more than 65,000 miles of shoreline, where many people can walk around and fell a real connection with nature.

Fishing Rod in the lake


Hiking is one of the most request activities for all the visitors. Take a long walk around the lake of the woods to experience a true wilderness experience and be witness of all the beauty of nature.

Gift Shops

Take a break of the lake and come to visit the gift shops, where is possible to purchase local souvenirs for family and friends

Mini Golf


For golf amateurs, a mini putt area is available to practice and share the time with the kids and family. This zone is available the whole day and this is one of the favorite activities of the guests after a fishing day in the lake.


For those who are looking for something more extreme, quadding is a good choice. Take rustic travel around the lake of the woods and fell the adrenaline coming up after a day fishing on the lake.

Live Entertainment

Checking our calendar event is a good idea too, because we also arrangement sometimes live events to fully enjoy the experience at Totem resort after a fishing day.

Winter activities

Many people come to visit lake of the woods in summer or spring, but we also have many winter activities prepared at Totem resort, it doesn't matter the time of the year, there is always something to do with us, even in winter.