Lake of the Woods Fishing Reports


Totem Resorts Fishing Report - July 12

Water temperature: Reaching 70*F Weather: Couple of storms. Hot and humid lately.

After a pretty dry June, we had a couple of storms and the weather has been pretty hot and humid lately. Water level is still very high but the lake seems to have peeked. Walleyes are active, hanging out between 25 and 30 feet. This time of the year, focus on wind-blown points close to spawning areas. Bass fishing has been phenomenal, although the water level being this high presents a challenge when looking for shorelines and spots with the proper structure. As the water temperature rises, muskies and pikes will be transitioning from spawning bays to nearby points, reefs and cabbage beds.


Totem Resorts Fishing Report - July 27

Water temperature: 70 - 74 *F Weather: Very hot. Couple of big thunder storms.

Last couple of weeks of July have been very, very hot. Probably because of the warm weather, Lake of the Woods experienced a couple of very strong thunderstorms, which helped to raise the water level of the lake even a little bit more. Although it has been coming down since the peak at the end of June, beginning of July. With the water temperature reaching 74 *F, muskies are definitely out of the spawning phase and bass will start coming up into their beds. We will see how this turns up, as their usual spawning beds, located in shallow sandy spots, where it’s warm and sunny, are now at least two feet deeper than usual.


Totem Resorts Fishing Report - August 10

Water temperature: 75 *F Weather: More stable. Warm but less humid

During the last couple of weeks, the weather has been more stable, and definitely more enjoyable with warm temperatures but less humidity. Together with this, the water level has come down significantly, and it’s expected to drop around four more inches during August. This is great news for cottagers, beach goers and lake fans in general.
With the water temperature going up, bass should continue their rise to their beds, and with the water level coming down, they should be able to be located in their usual spawning areas. Musky fishing continues to be absolutely amazing, especially around Wiley Point Lodge and French Portage Narrows Outpost. When it comes to walleyes, August marks the definitive transition from the spawning areas to open lake spots, like humps and reefs close to deep water.


Totem Resorts Fishing Report - August 29th

Water temperature: Reaching 80 °F Weather: Summer warm

Since our last report, especially the last ten days, we have experienced stable summer weather. The average water temperature has been hovering around 78 °F with peaks above 80 °F, reaching 85 °F in shallow back bays by the end of last week. During this time also, Lake of the Woods dropped another 9 cm (3 in) and is expected to drop by another 9 to 11 cm (3 to 4 in) during this week. With these conditions, walleyes should be cruising open lake spots, like humps and reefs close to deep water, at around 26 to 38 feet deep. Musky hunters should be focusing on rock-type structure, although late-grown cabbage beds could also present an opportunity to get a once in a lifetime fish.