Weddings in the woods

Wedding in a natual landscape
Weeding on Lake of the Woods
Weadding on the Woods Yellowbird Wedding

Grass field for ceremonies

Our natural surroundings provide a spectacular backdrop full of beauty, serenity and enchantment, sure to make memories that last a lifetime. Standing under a canopy of green trees or out on the white sand beach…what could be more magical than exchanging vows in the untouched splendor of nature!

Yellowbird Weeding

Large event Room for 100 people

Totem Resorts offers the convenience of accommodations, ceremony, and reception space all in one location. Whether you're looking for a small, intimate ceremony with just a few close friends or a more extravagant gathering for up 200 people; Totem Resorts has everything you need for your special day!

Geographic information

Sioux Narrows, Ontario is centrally located in the heart of northwestern Ontario; making Totem Resorts easily accessible from anywhere in Canada & the USA. We are just a short 90 mile drive North of the International Falls border crossing, and just a short 3 hour drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba.






Enjoy a World Class Dining with panoramic lake views prepared by our talented chef's and five-star service team. Everything at Totem Resorts is special and our restaurants/catering services is not an exception.

Personal Service

The professional staff at Totem Resorts will take care of everything to carry out that dreaming wedding. With personal service for the groom and the bride on their special day, as well the attention that all the families and friends deserve and more. They will prepare the resort for the pictures with Lake of the Woods as the background.

Angler showing his catch

Fishing packages

Here at Totem Resorts, we offer specialized fishing packages custom tailored to your very needs. Each package is specifically designed for you and your group's individual needs. So you can rest assured. When staying at a Totem Resorts property, you can expect nothing but world-class service!